We help companies acquire new consumers by utilizing proprietary digital technology. In everything we do our founding components are at the center: quality, transparency, and honesty.

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Boutique with Bite

Inside Covalent Media Group lies a small boutique agency with a big bite. A unique touch to websites, campaigns, deadlines, and performance.

Services We Provide

What we offer to provide you with the bonds you need


Our Process

The science behind the chemistry

Here at CMG, our team is passionate about their work. From operations and team building, to campaign creation and design, every last person on our team has the drive and know-how to drive the performance your company has been missing out on.

Audience Reach & Stats

Who we're able to reach and our bonding capabilities

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Our Philosophies

The beliefs that make up the foundation of our company

Sean McCormick
Chief Executive Officer

Quality, Transparency, and Honesty are the core compounds that Covalent Media Group has been founded on; it just happens to create the strongest bonds.

Zack Bloom
Chief Media Officer

Bonding brands and consumers: our mission; our purpose. We use highly targeted media placements across the digital universe to help potential customers find, and engage with your brand.

Jonathan Jansma
Chief Creative Officer

Beautiful design, seamless UI, and fantastic content are the core compounds to creating a memorable bond with potential customers.

Marisa Torrieri
Director of Content

Many people believe covalent bonds are created by two atoms sharing electrons. I happen to believe bonds are formed with words.

McRobert Meek
Chief Operating Officer

Creating a successful campaign is simple. Target the right audience, at the right time, with the right media, the right way.

Owned Site Verticals

We own and operate a wide variety of sites tailored to many different interests

How We're Unique

What makes Covalent Media Group the best fit for you

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    100% Performance Based

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    Unrivaled Industry Experience

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    Quality & Verification

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    Pride & Dedication

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    Highly Motivated Customer Service

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    Industry Leading Compliance

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