10 Things to Do to Prep for a Conference

10 Things to Do to Prep for a Conference

Getting ready to attend an industry conference? So are we! Here are just a few of the things that you should do before a bustling conference weekend!

The Covalent Media Group team is greatly looking forward to Affiliate Summit West this weekend in Las Vegas! In case you aren’t on our level of hype yet, here is ASW’s list of 680 Things to be Excited about at ASW 2018. Here are just a few of the things that you should do before a bustling conference weekend!

Practice Your Elevator Pitch

Maybe the last person you had to explain your job to was your 12 year old nephew over Thanksgiving turkey, and the concept of programmatic slightly evaded him. Develop and practice a branding statement that quickly conveys your role and your company’s expertise.

Be Business Card Ready

Make sure you have enough business cards, and a space for collecting more! If you don’t have business cards, some prints can be created and shipped overnight.

Prepare Necessary Tech

Make sure that your phone, computer, and chargers are working. If you are presenting or doing an exhibit, ensure that all of your tech materials are functioning properly as well.

Set Email Away Message

Don’t forget to set an out of office automatic reply for your emails!

Plan Session Schedule

Check out the conference schedule online and craft a schedule for yourself. Picking the sessions you’re most interested in will allow you to better map out your weekend.

Do Your Research

Do your research on the fellow attendees! Many conferences have Facebook groups so you can see who will be coming and start conversations early. You should also look into any recent industry news that may come up throughout the event. Finally, do some research on the city that the conference is in!

Reach out

Based on your research on attendees, contact select individuals who you want to meet with at the conference. Shoot them an email!

Spend Extra Time with Family

Before you leave for a long weekend, always spend some extra time with your family! If you have kids, this may be an opportunity to show them pictures of where you’re going and get them excited.

Plan Outfits

Especially if you are presenting or running an exhibit, plan out the outfits you want to wear. You can look at pictures from previous years to assess the formality of different events. This will help prevent you from underpacking or overpacking. Put your best foot forward!

Make dinner reservations

After conducting some research on the city, see if there are any spots that you have to hit before you leave, and make reservations!

See you in Vegas! And don’t forget to email or say hi to us, Zack and Sean!