5 Lessons Every Boss Should Learn from Michael Scott

5 Lessons Every Boss Should Learn from Michael Scott

If you're a manager, you might be able to learn a few things from this man.

Television comedy series, The Office, is well-known for their “office manager” character, Michael Scott, portrayed by comedian Steve Carrell. Michael LOVES his job, but more importantly–his employees.

The show brilliantly demonstrates a satirical view of a paper company run by your average, or not so average middle-aged guy. Though it’s mainly hilarious, there are actually important lessons you can learn from Michael’s attempt at being the “world’s best boss.”

1. First and foremost, you ROCK–believe it. Stay CONFIDENT!

Stay Confident

Don’t question your judgement or second guess your decisions all the time, you’re in charge for a reason and your employees look up to you because of that fortitude.

You’re going to make mistakes, but that doesn’t mean you’re the wrong person to have final say and make those difficult decisions in the office. You’ll gain the respect you deserve by illustrating the confidence your employees expect you to have.

2. Your employees need an efficient work environment. Utilize new technology.

Utilize New Technology

A large part of running a successful company is not only the team you put together, but
also the tools they use. Whether it’s the latest direct messaging system or high-speed printer that’ll help complete work and tasks more efficiently, get it!

Provide the best, (when you can financially) to increase productivity and performance.

3. Unfortunately, you’re not always going to have the answer–it’s OK!

No Answers

Your employees will regularly turn to you for answers their questions and often seek advice on how to handle situations. Most of the time, you’ll know how to help. However, when you don’t–and there will be plenty of times you won’t, take some time to give your employees the best response. Be honest with yourself and accept that you aren’t always going to know what to do–take it as an opportunity to learn something!

4. Remember– make time for team bonding.

Team Bonding

The work environment will be a lot lighter and more positive if your employees are friends (or at the very least, civil acquaintances). Invite everyone to happy hour on a Friday after work, or host an office holiday party.

Activities like this will break down walls in employee relationships, resulting in a more comfortable, constructive work environment.

5. The most Michael Scott lesson there is…don’t take yourself too seriously!

It's Britney, Bitch

No one wants to feel like they’re walking on eggshells around their boss. Don’t hold back from joking around in the office every once in a while!

Providing a more lax persona will make you more approachable. This will make your employees more likely to share their concerns, or, better yet, ideas for the company with you.

Yes, you are their superior (in title only)–but you can be their friend too!