5 Tips to Being a Successful Introvert

5 Tips to Being a Successful Introvert

For some introverts, success may seem far out of reach. With a little preparation and practice, success can be right around the corner!

Would you rather sit in bed on your laptop and watch Netflix than go to a party or out to dinner with your friends on a Friday night? Yeah, same. When I started my job here at Covalent Media Group, Sean had me take a personality quiz, I already knew what the outcome would be and 90 questions later I was right- I am an introvert. Yes, there are negatives when it comes to being an introvert. It is difficult to make small talk and socializing with new people. With that being said, there also are benefits. Introverts are observant, they think before they speak and they make quality friends.

As you can imagine when it comes to working it’s an absolute must that you establish new relationships with people and attend networking events, which can be terrifying. Networking is a critical skill for anyone in the business industry to develop, and for introverts there are some tips that can help prepare you for your next event that won’t make you want to crawl into your skin and die.

Prepare Yourself

Before you begin to get yourself all freaked out and antsy about the next big event you have to attend, take a step back to prepare. Think of some questions you might want to ask others around you so when you are there you’re not blindsided with nothing to say if you are put on the spot. Also it’s not a bad idea to think about what you might want to share about yourself. There’s nothing wrong with even writing down some questions to prepare yourself with or practice ahead of time.

Be Approachable

The feeling of wanting to stand in the corner of the room with your arms across your chest and not socialize is totally understandable. Try to smile and present a warm, relaxed vibe. This will make others want to come up to you and start conversation. It won’t be as bad as you think it is!

Engage with Others

You might hate talking about yourself, but guess what there are many people that love to talk about themselves. Maybe too much. Naturally, introverts are good listeners, showing that you are engaged in conversation. Try your best to make eye contact, stay off your phone or fiddle with your hands. Ask questions and if you receive a business card reach out on LinkedIn.

You Are Not Alone

Have you ever thought that half the people around you probably feel the exact same way as you do? Some might just be better at hiding it than others. You are not alone! That new guy at work sitting alone is probably feeling the same way you are – go up to him and make conversation so the both of you feel more comfortable.


It might seem as if extroverts were blessed with extra strengths that introverts do not have. Extroverts are friendly, outgoing, sociable. All which helps extroverts achieve their goals quicker than an introvert would. This might make you feel crappy at times but these traits just don’t come naturally. Start focusing on your strengths, introverts tend to gather information quickly, are observant and think strategically. Use your skills to your advantage and you will succeed.