7 Tips to Bring Your Business Instagram to the Next Level

7 Tips to Bring Your Business Instagram to the Next Level

Are you taking advantage of Instagram and everything it has to offer? Well, you should!

Your company or small business is probably not taking full advantage of the opportunities offered on Instagram. Unlike Facebook, or any other social media platform, Instagram offers a vast network of highly engaged users, and presents a chance for your business to connect with competitors, influencers, and customers alike. Before delving into the youthful and emoji-filled expanse that is this popular app, read our tips for posting more interesting, more valuable content that will drive more traffic and ultimately aid you in your Instagram intentions.

  1. Target Market


    Know your target market!

    This gets mentioned in pretty much every Covalent article. It’s essential. Know your audience! If you don’t fully understand your target market then it’s impossible for you to post relevant content for them and you will get unfollowed quicker than a lame meme account (which is to say, fast). Do your research.

  2. Get creative


    Get creative!

    Your posts should NOT be the same cookie-cutter, white-washed material spit out by your competitors. Change it up. Keep it fresh. Diversify your post style — here are some ideas for creative instagram captions and challenges to get you going!

  3. Use Stories


    Use stories!

    Stories are short videos or photos that are combined sequentially to tell a story. They expire after 24 hours. This feature is great for influencer marketing and blogging because you can quickly tag an influencer or add a link to your website within the story, so even your laziest followers can get where you want them to go with minimal clicks. Stories are also a great avenue for experimenting with less, per se, “high quality” content and more “behind the scenes” footage.

  4. Use Bulk Upload


    Use bulk upload!

    Another very useful Instagram feature for story-telling is bulk upload. Bulk upload allows you to share up to 10 pictures in one post and your viewers can swipe through those pictures. It also makes picking the “best photo to post” much easier!

  5. Keep your URL updated


    Keep your URL updated!

    You have a dead link in your bio? You must love losing. Dead links kill moods and profits. There is only one spot on your page for a live URL, so it is important that that link is live and, even better, consistently updated to your most recent sale/post/update/news to drive traffic.

  6. Have a creative bio


    Have a creative bio!

    Remember that your URL shouldn’t have to speak for itself; there should be some degree of lead-up that entices your audience to continue on to your posts or into your website. Here are some great examples of informative-yet-interesting company bios!

  7. Know your purpose(s) for using Instagram


    Know your purpose(s) for using Instagram.

    This tip is multi-faceted, and will vary from industry to industry and even business to business. Always start with why. Understand why your business is using Instagram in order to get the most value from it– seeking likes for likes’ sake is a meaningless pursuit. Is your end-game brand loyalty? Brand creation? Sales? Networking? Driving traffic? Identifying a goal will aid greatly in meaningful content creation, and will allow you to monitor your progress along the way.