B2B Lead Generation + Artificial Intelligence

B2B Lead Generation + Artificial Intelligence

here are few B2B lead generation or display networks that allow us to reach the person we're looking for. Finding the right one, at the right time is tough!

As marketers, one of the biggest challenges we face is generating B2B leads. Don’t get me wrong- there are tools at our discretion. We all utilize Google AdWords, LinkedIn, dable in Facebook Ads, and so on. There are very few B2B lead generation or display networks that allow us to reach the specific person we are looking for. Essentially finding the right person, at the right time, at the right company, with the right budget is tough! It is virtually impossible. As marketers we have been trying to solve this problem for too long, the wrong way. The world is changing. How people buy also is changing. There is more information then ever out there on what you do, how you do it, and what it costs. Reviews are tireless. If your goal is to convert a lead into a client on one-click, good luck. We have found there is only one way to generate B2B leads that is sustainable, and cost effective. The only way to effectively market to B2B prospects is via content marketing. Give the people what they want, information.

Prospects want information and content. Asking a prospect to buy the first time they visit your website is a BIG mistake. Take your time to build a relationship. Create a bond. Get to know your prospects. Most importantly – let them get to know you. Make an exchange with the prospect to build their trust. Give them something in exchange for their email address. It can be a white paper, top 10 list, e-book, video, ect. Just make sure to give them something of value in exchange. That is essentially your first digital handshake. They are giving you access to their inbox, in exchange for your content. Just harass them. Set them up on a bi-monthly sequence of communication. Send no less than 3 emails before asking them on a date. The goal is for your to provide enough knowledge and value that when you ask them out, you know the answer ahead of time. We create completely automated lead nurturing campaigns so that your marketing team, nor salespeople need to do any work. Our goal is to warm up your leads for their first date with your team.

The future of communicating with B2B leads lies in artificial intelligence. Companies like HubSpot and Salesforce are working on chatbots for your company’s websites that will replace the email correspondence with your sales team. Chatbots will go deeper than just utilizing the information on your website to answer prospect questions. Chatbots will be able to answer questions like:

  • What are some top articles on your companies services?
  • What software does your company use?
  • Show me top posts from LinkedIn
  • Grade our website
  • Show me public companies utilizing your company’s software
  • What are your company’s integration options?

Generating B2B leads utilizing content marketing is the best sustainable strategy where you don’t need to worry about your media spend. The goal is to utilize Social Media, and Organic Search to be the main attractors to your site. From there – it is important to have a sophisticated lead nurturing process in place. Contact Us to find out how to get started with implementing this strategy 😉