Chatbots and the Future of Marketing

Chatbots and the Future of Marketing

Interested in generating as many leads possible for your business? Of course you are! But how are you going about it these days?!

Today, companies, brands, agencies, etc… in the digital marketing industry are using (or starting to use) message marketing or chatbots, as a replacement to, and / or alongside tactics like SMS, email, and telemarketing to attract new leads making this the most convenient way to get in contact with someone.

2019 is quickly approaching and message marketing is rapidly advancing into the mainstream; growth is so aggressive, that in five to seven years, it’s expected to be the world’s largest marketing channel!

So right now, are you thinking to yourself,” what exactly is a chatbot?!” Well, chatbots are software tools that rely on artificial intelligence to connect to users, by leveraging predictive analytics, or behavioral insights. Once a conversation is initiated, or a question is asked, a very authentic, ‘human-like’ response is formulated and a two-way conversation begins. These bots are becoming so advanced, that sometimes you forget you’re not interacting with a person, but rather AI.

Sounds cool right?!

Instead of waiting hours on the phone for a person to pick up your customer service call, chatbots are revolutionizing customer service where they are able to respond quickly and efficiently. Gone are the days of hopelessly arguing with a customer service rep, trying to extend your cable contract with another 8,000 channels you can’t name for even more money, when all you’re trying to do is cancel! . No more!

One specific chatbot, ManyChat, was founded in 2015, and just a year later, Facebook began using the tool. According to ManyChat, in just two and a half years, over 400,000 Facebook pages use ManyChat in more than 100 countries. So, if you’re keeping score at home, every month more than 3 billion messages are sent, globally!

ManyChat is best used for subscribers and customers looking for news and product updates. Recently, Spotify launched a chabot on Facebook Messenger– here, subscribers are able to learn about, listen to and search for new music. The chatbot also takes into consideration the subscriber’s mood and music preferences to make new recommendations, making the conversation both personalized, seamless, and best of all, fun!

Let’s face it, customer service can be taxing for everyone be it via constant phone tag, unopened emails, and even in store experiences; who has time to deal with the nonsense?!

At Covalent Media Group, we’ve recently started using ManyChat to help generate more business. We use a chatbot to greet a prospective client and through brief chat, figure out what their needs and what services we can offer to best solve their marketing problems.

The addition of marketing messaging to CMG’s Facebook page has resulted in a successful way of communicating not only with potential clients, but existing ones as well as we can offer great content like FAQ’s, whitepapers, latest promotions, blogs, etc… keeping in touch more frequently than simply email and the occasional check-in call.

Messenger marketing and the evolution of chatbots are providing some exciting times in the digital marketing world and the possibilities are seemingly endless.

The robots aren’t coming, they’re already here!