Covalent Media Group Adds Jeff Wilhelm to its Board of Advisors

Covalent Media Group Adds Jeff Wilhelm to its Board of Advisors

“I’m beyond thrilled to be a part of Covalent Media, and to be part of the innovative, exciting work they are doing”

Covalent Media Group, a provider of user acquisition and lead generation services, today announced that Jeff Wilhelm will join their advisory board. Wilhelm will offer guidance on day-to-day, technology, platform, architecture, as well as strategic oversight for Covalent’s product development and roll out. In this position, Jeff plans to leverage his wide breadth of technological experience to facilitate continuous updates and overall architecture of CMG’s proprietary lead generation platform UserTrue.

For Jeff, aligning with Covalent Media Group represents another milestone in an already impressive career filled with entrepreneurial success, not to mention numerous industry awards and technology achievements.

A recent recipient of Providence Business News’ C-Suite Award for CTO in a Small Private Business, Jeff is the modern-day renaissance IT guy, with equally impressive business savvy. In previous roles as a technology consultant with deep experience in infrastructure and analysis around big data, Jeff has taken on some of the most challenging technological projects of Fortune 500 organizations, including Verizon FiOs, SiriusXM, and AVIS.

Jeff has also worked with startups in multiple verticals, including Sentinal Bioinformatics, for which he helped develop mobile app signal processing for wearables to identify health triggers (e.g., fall sensing for the elderly, seizures in children). He currently serves as a technical advisor and board member of Datarista, a SaaS provider in the data marketing automation space, and cut his teeth as an early employee of MarketModels, a marketing data analytics startup, acquired by AccuData America, in 2003.

Sean McCormick, CEO and co-founder of Covalent Media Group said, “Having known Jeff from dorm room to board room- I am grateful that he has accepted our offer to join the Covalent board of advisors. I have always considered Jeff to have one of the best minds in technology, and I am certain the impact he will make on Covalent will not be limited to technology and infrastructure.”

“Jeff Wlhelm’s accolades in both technology and business speak for themselves,” said Zack Bloom, CMO and Co-founder of Covalent Media Group. Bloom added, “Jeff would make a phenomenal asset to any board of advisors–I’m grateful he’s going to sit on ours and lend his wealth of knowledge to our rapidly growing company.”

“I’m beyond thrilled to be a part of Covalent Media, and to be part of the innovative, exciting work they are doing,” said Wilhelm. “I have been following the progress of Covalent for a while, and believe that the team at Covalent has one of the most impressive track records when it comes to execution of ideas. I’m looking forward to bringing my technological expertise to bear in multiple roles.”

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Covalent Media Group is a for-performance digital marketing company focused on lead generation and new user acquisition services. Its UserTrue lead generation platform has generated more than 5 million leads this past calendar year. Covalent Media Group is a global lead generation company with employees in Southport, CT; Dallas, TX; Harrisburg, PA; and Salamanca, Spain.