Do You Remember The Recent Pokémon GO Craze?

Do You Remember The Recent Pokémon GO Craze?

Is it harder for mobile apps to become global sensations as Pokémon GO did? Some apps prove this to be true, while others continue to explode in popularity!

A recent fad in the world of millennials was Pokémon GO, by Niantic. As trends come and go, the beloved Pokémon game, too, has faded away. Millennials are constantly looking for the next interactive mobile application. Interactivity is the key to success for reaching a younger generation, as the younger generation wants all the information they can get in seconds. Vine did a fantastic job of reaching the “younger crowd.” Replays of sports, funny moments on television, or even politics could be achieved in Vine’s six seconds, essentially, anything important could be broken down into a vine. Top mobile application, Snapchat has been around for some time now which leads one to ask why? From a millennial’s perspective, you don’t have to spend much time on the application, you open a maximum ten second picture or video and you can move on with your day. Contrary to Facebook, Snapchat doesn’t require scrolling through a news feed. Although, Snapchat implemented “stories,” which can be quite time consuming if not checked frequently (depending on the amount of people you follow.) The common trend among top applications is the amount of time it takes to effectively obtain information and interactivity.

Is the application market already filled to maximum capacity? The newer application, “Houseparty” (created by Alexander Herzick) says no. Millennials are eating Houseparty up. This app is as interactive as it comes. The basis of the application is that you can be “in the house” and any one of your friends can join you in a video chat (in essence a FaceTime call with up to eight others.) See, what Houseparty is achieving is the issue that one can’t FaceTime with multiple people at the same time, thanks Apple. Being able to jump room to room is riveting one doesn’t have to stay in the same room for any set amount of time. Of course you can lock the room preventing some awkward situations. If you want to notify someone you’d like to talk, you can go on your friends list, click the wave emoji next to the friend’s name and they should get a notification. Houseparty will also notify you when a friend enters the “house”. Houseparty is a fascinating application, widely used among college students.

It’s vital to keep millennials in mind when scheming up a new application idea. Most downloaders will likely be of the millennial generation (if social media related). Whether you’re a small business or a larger business, it doesn’t matter. You have to be in touch with the most popular trends in order to reach a niche which can make or break your company’s success. We see applications like Pokémon come and go, the reasoning behind this from a millennial’s perspective, is because we get bored with it. If you can establish an application that can continue to grow alongside the amount of users who’ve downloaded, your chances of success are incredible. The millennial generation should be kept in mind of the business world, we’re the ones using most of the products put out on a mobile device. It will take some time to pass in order to see if Houseparty will stick around. Being extremely popular now, who knows what the next few months will bring. Most applications will come and go, like Pokémon, which has been around since July 6th. Pokémon GO? Pokémon, who?