8 Ways to Ensure a Successful Bond with Your Marketing Resolution This Year

8 Ways to Ensure a Successful Bond with Your Marketing Resolution This Year

Your New Years resolution may revolve around your marketing initiative. Here are some tips for setting and maintaining your marketing resolution this year.

The first week of 2017 means a few things: the gym is way more packed than you want it to be, you will try to teach yourself Javascript for the seventh time, and the Christmas magic has officially worn thin (this morning I saw a Prius almost run over a very unpleasant pedestrian). There is a feeling of cautious optimism in the air. It also means that it’s time to set marketing resolutions for this year– hopefully ones that will not be forgotten as quickly as you will forget to meditate for one hour three times a week. Here are some tips for you and your team for setting and maintaining your marketing resolution this year. Make it stick!

  1. Focus On What Matters


    Focus On What Matters

    Prioritize, prioritize, prioritize. One reason why marketing resolutions are abandoned by MLK Jr weekend is because they are not specific enough. You can’t do it all. When considering your company’s resolution, think about what really matters. Maybe you want to continuously improve one sector of your marketing mix, like SEO, or want this to be your year for reaching out into an entirely new space like blogging, snapchat or apps. It’s essential to be decisive about the direction you want to take your marketing strategy in 2017.

  2. Whole Team Must Be Invested


    Whole Team Must Be Invested

    Everyone should participate in resolution-creation to ensure a concept that everyone can get behind. The entire marketing team should be invested and ideally finds the new targets compelling. The new route should be interesting.

  3. SMART Goals: They’re Trendy for a Reason


    SMART Goals: They’re Trendy for a Reason

    SMART goals are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely. Format your goals in this way to maximize the odds of follow-through. Example: Team will spend one hour every other week dedicated solely to brainstorming meaningful topics for a drip feed newsletter to be sent out to new signups twice per week. Emails will be written by a new person each week and engagement will be evaluated at the end of three months. I will assess and rewrite one page of the current website per week, optimizing for SEO, until the entire website has been rewritten. We will create one blog post per month and will link it to at least two influencers.

  4. Create an Action Plan


    Create an Action Plan

    Action trumps everything. Don’t wait, do. For more complex goals, you must agree on stipulations as to HOW you will achieve this objective. This may involve creating a schedule or assigning roles for specific tasks.

  5. Accountability



    One person must be designated as the chief of the resolution, and hold everyone else accountable. Depending on the size of your team, a individual check-ins with the chief of resolutions, a monthly State of the Resolution email with metrics and updates, or “resolution buddies” will keep people honest and invested. Another idea is to write or the resolution somewhere that everyone can see it– the guilt of seeing the goal every day and not doing anything should incite action.

  6. Check In On Progress Every Month


    Check In On Progress Every Month

    We suddenly remember and grow nostalgic for Christmas cookie season as soon as swimsuit season rolls around. Similarly, your team should not be allowed to forget their excitement for the resolution. Monthly progress reports and updates are necessities. Goals should be continuously revisited!

  7. Keep an Eye On Trends


    Keep an Eye On Trends

    Keeping an eye on trends is a goal in itself, but is also important to keep in mind throughout the year in the context of your resolution. Perhaps there’s a new trend in the industry, or perfect new technology like virtual reality that could be integrated into your resolution. Perhaps a new trend will force you to completely edit a goal. It’s important to keep an eye out for trends that may impact your resolution’s potential success.

  8. Stay Confident After Setbacks


    Stay Confident After Setbacks

    Some months you may not reach your targets. People often abandon resolutions, personal and business-related, after to minor setbacks. Failure is only a self-fulfilling prophecy if you allow it to become one! One bad month or one bad metric does not mean the goal is not worth pursuing, and readjust goals as necessary.

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