Friday the Thirteenth is an Untapped Day For Marketing

Friday the Thirteenth is an Untapped Day For Marketing

Do you have marketing strategies in place for Friday the 13th? If not, maybe you should be rethinking your position!

Considering our uncanny ability to take strategic advantage of culturally significant events, we have really let Friday the Thirteenth slip through the… cracks. Unless the dreaded date arrives around Halloween time, we consistently forget about the marketing potential of this relevant day until it is upon us, in all of its often seemingly random glory. There are some really simple, thoughtful ways to get your audience engaged and stand out from competition. While the true origins of this special day are often shrouded in uncertainty, your unrealized revenue doesn’t have to be.

You can flip the meaning of the special day around and instead market Friday the 13th as a day of luck for your customers! One Banana Republic email campaign used gifs to transform unlucky symbols, such as a black cat or a ladder, into their products, boasting, “you’re in luck– 39% off”.

Many people actually don’t go outside on Friday the Thirteenths (perhaps suffering from Paraskevidekatriaphobia, or fear of Friday the Thirteenth). One British poll found that 5% of people polled won’t leave the house on Friday the Thirteenth to avoid any potential dangers. That means… Online shopping! If your customers might stay inside, get their attention!

You can play off of FUD marketing tactics (fear uncertainty doubt). FUD marketing spreads disinformation to undermine the audience’s beliefs. Depending on your audience’s perception of and extent of knowledge on the strategy, you can use it or poke fun!

And if you’re a customer on a Friday the 13th, well… There are savings to be had! You may find bargains on important, potentially life-changing activities that people don’t want the cosmos to mess with such as flights, weddings, and real estate transactions.

Ultimately Friday the Thirteenth has seen a real decline in event-related targeted marketing compared to other special days. There are lots of creative ways to use numbers and symbols in your campaign. Think ahead and think out of the box to stand out!