Gifts for Dad This Father’s Day

Gifts for Dad This Father’s Day

The perfect gifts for the perfect father figures in your life

Dad! While he may not win an award anytime soon for his twenty first century technological abilities—be it setting up Siri on his iPhone or updating his Mac, he can, without a doubt, get a prize for his overall awesomeness as being your father.

Maybe he’s the dad who spent endless hours with you every weekend on the baseball or lacrosse field. Maybe he’s the guy who carried you out of the car into bed as a kid when you “pretended” to be sleeping. Perhaps he’s the man who taught you how to ride a bike and get back up no matter how many times you fell!

Whatever the memory, lesson, or effect, this is the man who always gives the greatest advice and is always there for you at the drop of a pin.

With Father’s Day just around the corner, now it’s our turn to let dad know how much we appreciate him and thank him for all that he’s done.

So, are you now thinking “what do we get the man who raised us and made us who we are today?” Don’t worry! To ensure dad gets the perfect gift this Father’s Day, we’ve created the ultimate gift guide this year for all dads! Start planning now, so you’ll have plenty of time to spare!

The Athlete:

  1. Forerunner 945

    Forerunner 945

    The Forerunner 945 watch is great for syncing music and storing songs while working out. You’ll also be able to track oxygen levels, heart rate and stress.

  2. Black Diamond Marino Wool Tee

    Black Diamond Marino Wool Tee

    Get the lightest wool shirt on the market with this Black Diamond Marino Wool Tee, it dries quickly during your toughest workout and dad will love it!

  3. Dange Dover Landon Carryall

    Dange Dover Landon Carryall

    Upgrade dad’s gym bag with this Dange Dover Landon Carryall bag. It provides ample room for shoes, clothes and more!

Handy Man:

  1. Best Made Co. Toolbox

    Best Made Co. Toolbox

    This heavy duty Best Made Co. 15-inch toolbox is durable enough for all of dad’s primary tools, making all his power tools fit perfectly!

  2. His Place StreetSign

    His Place StreetSign

    Make dad’s workspace his own with this personalized His Place StreetSign. His mancave will feel that more custom!

  3. Bosch Bluetooth Cordless Hammer Drill

    Bosch Bluetooth Cordless Hammer Drill

    This Bosch Bluetooth and cordless hammer drill ensures you’ll get the job done quickly and efficiently, making it one of the most trusted power tools out there.

Tech Savy:

  1. Nest Indoor Security Camera

    Nest Indoor Security Camera

    Get dad this Nest Indoor Security Camera that sends alters of any suspicious activity or movement in your home directly to your phone through the app!

  2. Eero Home Wi-Fi System

    Eero Home Wi-Fi System

    Make sure dad’s house is free of any Wi-Fi dead spots with this Eero Home Wi-Fi system recommended by tech columnist David Pogue.

  3. Anker Powerwave Wireless Charging

    Anker Powerwave Wireless Charging

    Rather than having to plug his phone in all the time, get dad this Anker Powerwave wireless charging stand. It supports up to wireless charging at 5W and works with any iPhone model, Samsung, etc.

Grill Master:

  1. Companion Group Outdoor Pizza Oven

    Companion Group Outdoor Pizza Oven

    Who needs to go out and get pizza these days? This Companion Group outdoor pizza oven allows you to make your own rather than waiting for the delivery man!

  2. Zwilling J.A. Henckels Knife Set

    Zwilling J.A. Henckels Knife Set

    Does dad need a new knife set? Look no further… this 19-piece Zwilling J.A. Henckels set received some of the best reviews on Sur La Table.

  3. Dutch Deluxe Aprons

    Dutch Deluxe Aprons

    These Dutch Deluxe aprons are handmade and dyed by craftsmen in the Netherlands, making each one unique and built to last. Dad will love having his own, instead of having to steal moms’ girly apron!

Aside from just wanting to spend time with his kids and family on Father’s Day, show dad how much you appreciate him with these gift ideas! From the athlete to the grill master, there’s something on this list that dad will love!