Happy New Year 2017 from The CMG Team

The Covalent Media Group Team wishes you and yours a happy new year this 2017, and provides information on exciting new things coming up for CMG this year.

Sean McCormick (CEO) and Zack Bloom (CMO) wish you and yours a happy new year this 2017, as well as share insight on new and exciting things to come this year. From growing the business with HubSpot to evolving our current products & services, 2017 will prove to be a truly momentous year for us here at CMG.

“Happy New Year from everyone here at Covalent Media Group! We hope you and your families had a wonderful holiday season. We’re excited to be back at work here in 2017 and enthusiastic about some of the new offerings and partnerships we have, including our partnership with HubSpot.”

“We’re super excited to be a HubSpot partner this year. We’ve been selected to be an agency partner which means we’re certified and we’ll be able to help businesses drive more business to their websites.”

“We’re also excited about our B2C products and our lead platform. That’s going to allow our clients to go out and go one step further with their dynamic targeting and surveying of the user. As well as that, we’re excited for, and enthusiastic for our owned and operated site SampleStork. It’s going to be a firm destination for a lot of consumers to go to and pick up free samples.”

“Yea, whether it’s evolution of our sites, new technologies, continued work with our core partners and clients right now, it’s going to be a great year.”

“Thank you, and have a very happy 2017.”