#Hashtag Your Way Through the Holiday Season

#Hashtag Your Way Through the Holiday Season

You see hashtags used everywhere, but have you thought about why, and how you could benefit from using them?

Ever since social media platforms have become primary sources for digital marketing campaigns, hashtags have surfaced as one of the main tools to collectively direct pools of consumers towards specific topics.

The power of hashtags are undeniable and surely shouldn’t be underestimated this holiday season as you search for ways to grow your consumer base.

Here are five reasons why:

1: Hashtags simplify the process

Face it, one of the main reasons people search the internet is to find what they’re looking for, quickly… instant gratification! Searching a hashtag pulls results for every post using that hashtag. Therefore, it’ll help you reach your target audience, and likewise make it easier for users to find your information.

2: Hashtags bring users to posts of interest

This means they will likely spend time looking through various content brought up by the hashtag. For example, by hastaging #HolidaySeason, someone who was originally looking at a post about Christmas cookies could soon stumble upon the latest holiday promotion for your brand.

3: Hashtags are direct sources of information

By simply clicking on a hashtag posted on a social media platform, you immediately gain visibility to all the posts that publicize that specific hashtag. Using them saves your consumers time searching the web, allowing them more time to invest in learning about your product.

4: Hashtags keep your company slogans and mission statements relevant

For instance, if you have a specific copy or tagline you use (i.e. at Covalent Media Group, we use #WeCreateBonds), it provides a direct link to the rest of your company’s content. This results in a consumer finding a page consisting solely of your business’s information and promotions.

5: Hashtags allow you to monitor your competition and customer satisfaction

By providing a virtual arena for specific content, you can keep an eye on how consumers are reacting to your brand and how your rival businesses are using the holiday season to their advantage as well. For example, by hashtagging #DigitalMarketing, you can find posts from similar businesses who are utilizing the same strategy to grow their brands.

According to an article in #Forbes, hashtags have become so effective that Instagram recently made a change to its algorithm, allowing users to follow specific hashtags. Stories and posts that use the hashtag will be featured in a user’s newsfeed alongside the content they already follow. This new update has split the Instagram following page into two categories: people and hashtags– not only do users gain the ability to actively track trending hashtags, they also receive curated content that’s actually relevant to their interests.

The main guideline to remember while utilizing Hashtag marketing, is to provide convincing posts and relevant topics to the hashtag; while your hashtag should align with top trends, the actual content of your post is what will differentiate you from other companies in your industry.

Also, while there are no character limits or copy restrictions within a hashtag, a limit of 2-4 words is suggested, with no malicious or hurtful terms.

So, #GetCreative! and bring some #LightandDiversity to your brand as we approach the #NewYear (#2019!). #HappyHashtagging!