An Intro to Our Process as Told by CMG Team Members

The CMG team get together to talk shop, and what inspires their passion for what they do

We asked a few of our team members what CMG means to them, what inspires their passion for the work they do, and what they see as the most important parts of the CMG process.

In this short introductory video, Sean McCormick (CEO), Zack Bloom (CMO), and Jonathan Jansma (CCO) are featured in snippets giving their answers.

Sean McCormick – “There’s no more cost effective way of acquiring a new customer for your business than through a referral. What we want to do is allow your customers to become advocates for your company, for your brand, for your product.”

Zack Bloom – “Working at Covalent is like working with family every day. We have some of the most forward thinking, creative people in this industry on our team.”

Jonathan Jansma – “Design is considered in everything that we do. We believe that well thought out user interfaces, immersive user experiences, and capturing the fundamental essence of the client’s brands are key factors in engaging the user and then converting them into highly valuable consumers.”

Sean McCormick – “At the end of the day our goal is simple. To create bonds.”