The Matt Damon and Ben Affleck of Performance Marketing

Sometimes things don't go as planned, especially when deciding who is the Matt Damon and Ben Affleck of performance marketing.

Sean McCormick (CEO) and Zack Bloom (CMO) start off by talking about why Covalent Media Group is the perfect place for your brand, but instead get derailed and argue about something Zack heard at a trade show. He claims someone told him they were like the Matt Damon and Ben Affleck of performance marketing. Zack seems to believe they were referring to him as Matt Damon and Sean as Ben Affleck, which doesn’t really rub Sean the right way.

Zack begins “At Covalent Media Group, we create bonds. Who better to create bonds than Sean and I? We’ve been best friends since we were 13.” Sean seems to remember it differently “Best friends? I didn’t know we were best friends since 13.” Zack seems hurt “Oh, that’s rough…” Sean tries to keep things moving “Well anyway, our first bond was created in 8th grade science class.” Zack rethinks the past “…maybe not…”

Zack comes to his senses and continues “Well, I guess as best friends we have our differences. But you, it’s funny, in the performance marketing space I think I heard some people refer to us as the Matt Damon and the Ben Affleck of digital media.” Sean is flattered “I like that analogy.” Zack goes on “So do I. I’m obviously Matt Damon, you can be Ben Affleck. It’s a good mix.” Sean is confused “No, why do you get to be Matt Damon?!”

From there, Sean and Zack argue back and forth about who is Matt Damon and who is Ben Affleck. Neither seems to want to budge on their position. After an hour of debating, Sean finally storms off, aggravated that Zack doesn’t seem to understand why Sean is the better choice for Matt Damon.