Overcome the Midweek Slump

Overcome the Midweek Slump

Battling to get over the midweek slump? You’re not alone!

Why do we always feel like the clock stops by the time we hit Wednesday? We start the work week each Monday, shot out of a cannon–energetic and enthusiastic, yet somehow, end it desperately craving for the weekend (am I right?!). So… how exactly do we keep up our momentum all week, ensuring we don’t slip into a mid-week slump when Wednesday rolls around? Here are a few ideas!


It’s no surprise if you start to lose focus on Wednesday; I mean, after a productive early week, knocking out a lot of to-do’s, it’s hard to keep up that pace. Make sure you keep yourself as productive as possible, so you don’t find yourself spiraling into a web of unproductivity.

Begin the day off by checking off tasks and goals that have already been completed and prioritize what’s left for the rest of the week. “The early bird catches the worm,” isn’t just a saying as it’s proven that energy levels are higher in the morning than they are come midafternoon and night time, according to the Harvard Business Review. This will help give you a clear direction for the rest of the week. Once all your tasks are accomplished, it will make it that much easier to finish the week strong!

Plan something fun:

You’ve earned it–reward yourself! Don’t save all your fun time for the weekend, give yourself something to look forward to mid-week.

Don’t let Wednesday become Slump day, plan a lunch break with friends or dinner and drinks after work. It can even be as simple as a midday coffee-break with your team. This quick recess will allow employees to wake up and return to work feeling energized. Friday will seem that much sooner!


Exercise will help you not only physically, but mentally as well. A midweek run or yoga after work can do wonders for boosting productivity. Missing workouts/ getting into a habit of putting them off due to work isn’t only unhealthy but can also hinder your job performance!

Studies have suggested that the parts of our brain that control memory and thinking have greater volume in those who exercise versus those who do not according to this Harvard Health Publishing article. A good workout can also help avoid, stress and depression. Your body will thank you, making it possible to push through the rest of the day, and week!


By the middle of the week, it’s inevitable that your desk is going to start looking a little unorganized. It could be that you have too many tabs open on Google Chrome or you can’t see your desk from the pile of papers that keep building up on your desk (or a combination of the two!). After tidying up your work space, you will start to feel much better.

There you have it! Beat the midweek slump with these different tactics and strategies. Not only will you feel more productive and motivated, who knows maybe #HumpDay will become your favorite day of the week! (Here’s hoping)