Reasons Why You Should Adopt the New Year New Website Philosophy

Reasons Why You Should Adopt the New Year New Website Philosophy

Take the excitement we have for recreating ourselves and bring it to re-imagining our businesses. There's no better time than the new year to do so!

Google “new year new me” and you will find literally thousands of little Pinterest-y reminders and slogans about starting over and recreating yourself. Or, if you’re me and accidentally set your Chrome language setting to Portuguese and can’t figure out how to switch it back, you’ll see “Imagens de new year new me!” (2017 me is an unlikely aspiring bilingual with very little initiative apparently). We should take the pluck and excitement we have for recreating ourselves and bring it to re-imagining and re-branding our businesses. There is no better time than the new year to rethink your brand and marketing strategy. A great start in this process is remaking your company website!

Stay Updated

Maybe you’re not nearly as into photographing wild birds of the Northeast as you were last year when you were writing your personal bio. There have probably been many developments in the nature of your business and within the industry. You should update the information on your company site to ensure it is still relevant!

Improve Content

If your website is a little, well, lackluster, then consider incorporating different kinds of media into your website. The best company websites use digital content strategically and creatively to make a cutting edge statement, and users are more engaged. Re-imagine the content of your website to spice it up!

Make It Helpful

There is most likely some repeated question your business gets asked that could be streamlined if you included more information on your website. Make your website more helpful to your clients! They will be more informed and you won’t have to explain the same concept.

It Re-energizes You

The best way to get really excited about your business is to go back to its roots. Remaking and re-branding the company website can be a really fun process that will get you back in touch with why you do what you do!

Update Technology

There are constantly new technology options for tracking users and monitoring interested prospects. You may be using outdated technology and missing business opportunities. The new year is the perfect time to look into new options for gathering information on the successes of your website.

Mobile Optimization

Many business don’t prioritize a streamlined mobile platform. This is a huge mistake! Many studies agree that mobile use now accounts for more than 50% of web traffic and will only increase as we move forward. If your company website isn’t mobile-friendly you need to hop on that!

The user-friendliness and degree of information and content on your website should always be a priority, but it’s easy to fall into the trap that your website is “good enough for now” and forget about it. Company websites are essential resources, and will only become more important this 2017 when clients and customers have more information and options than ever before. When re-branding during 2017, start with your company website!