“Shark Tank;” An Inspiration for Entrepreneurs Just Like You!

“Shark Tank;” An Inspiration for Entrepreneurs Just Like You!

Need motivation to get your World-changing idea off the ground? This show has all the inspiration you would ever need!

For as long as it’s been historically recorded, humans have been the main contribution to improving society, solely with their ideas. It’s said that the mind is the most powerful thing in the entire world… we don’t doubt that.

The mind is where ideas are sparked, formed, and put into action. Dating back to the invention of the first automobile, all the way to today’s newest iPhone update, the human mind has yet to stop creating.

Today’s cutting edge technology makes it easier for people to see their brilliant ideas evolve, as there are no shortage of online outlets that make promoting and generating buzz for these products simple and painless–and that’s before having to officially start a business!

One of the best ways to keep up with some of the latest, most innovative products is by watching the hit television series, Shark Tank. Entrepreneurs from all over the nation get to present their ideas to five “titans” of industry, who themselves turned their own ideas into lucrative empires.

No matter what your vision may be, you’re given a shot at making your dreams a reality by ultimately winning the show. By just watching one episode, you could gain the inspiration and or motivation you need to turn your small thoughts into big plans.

If you don’t regularly watch Shark Tank like we do, you’re missing out on some of the most ingenious inventions from top entrepreneurs all across America. Here is a one stop shop for all of them–each product available to purchase on Amazon…

No time to search the site? Here are some of our favorites from the recent seasons.

First and foremost, “Simple Habit” is an app that can be useful to absolutely ANYONE!

Referred to as a “meditation app for busy people,” it couldn’t be more relatable–blatantly portrayed in its short, yet fitting description.

…I mean, who isn’t “busy” these days?

Created by former banking analyst and serial entrepreneur who’s no stranger to stress, Simple Habit combines dozens of leading meditation teachers from around the world onto one platform. The app provides guided meditations in short sessions tailored for specific scenarios, such as having trouble falling asleep, or having a tough day at work.

The sessions are organized under topics including relaxation, sleep, focus, resilience, relationships, and so on. The best part is that they can be accessed whether or not the user has internet connection!

Another new product that’s great for getting you through the day is “Sunniva Super Coffee.

As described on the Shark Tank website, if you’re looking for a new pick-me-up that’s tasty and nutritious, look no further — Sunniva, the latest “Super Coffee” to break into the highly competitive, over-saturated coffee market, is fresh on the scene. With a mission to inspire healthy and productive living, Sunniva aspires to be the new go-to coffee beverage, a caffeinated premium product that’s packed with health benefits and energizing ingredients that will “naturally enhance your coffee habit.”

Now, for those of you who love easy energizers like Sunniva, you may also experience one of the main side effects of products like these… sweating.

Whether or not it’s caffeine-related, everyone can relate to the inevitable struggle of keeping your shirt stain-free from sweat throughout the day.

For example, at work, giving a presentation first thing in the morning after walking into the office from a 90-degree summer day can be extremely nerve-racking, even when it shouldn’t be. You could be more focused on not lifting up your arms while you speak rather than what you’re actually talking about… we’ve all been there.

However, “Thompson Sweat Proof Undershirts” could be the perfect solution to your problem! Thompson Tee is a brand of undershirts for men and women that feature a unique sweat-proof fabric that’s designed to completely stop the appearance of sweat stains.

HydroShield sweat-proof technology combines the comfort of your favorite undershirt with an antimicrobial, hypoallergenic barrier. This barrier captures moisture and body heat released in the underarm area and releases vapor in its place–how cool is that?!

This addition to your wardrobe could also be essential for those long hours you spend outside with your kids on scorching summer days…

Speaking of summer days, another groundbreaking Shark Tank product that would be an advantageous investment for these precious family memories is “KaZAM Bikes.”

According to the Shark Tank website, KaZAM is at the forefront of the balance bike revolution. If you have a child between the ages of 2 ½ – 5 ½ years old, KaZAM is the perfect alternative to training wheels. The bike takes the focus off of peddling and places it on steering and balance.

KaZAM’s tagline, “No Pedals – No Problem,” emphasizes the idea that balance bikes don’t depend on pedals for movement. Kids use their feet to propel themselves forward. Once they’ve generated enough momentum, they can focus on steering. Unlike traditional bikes, they don’t rely on training wheels for support. The child’s first priority is to learn balance and control.

It’s interesting to think that these products, among many others, all started as one small thought, and Shark Tank gave it entity.

Don’t sell yourself short… If you’ve got an idea, run with it–the possibilities are endless!