Should your company outsource your marketing?

Should your company outsource your marketing?

Depending on the size of your firm, outsourced marketing could save you a lot of time, and allow you to focus on doing what you do best.

Is every element of your marketing needs covered by your current marketing team? Do you have more leads than you know what to do with? Is your marketing team continuously up to date on the latest digital trends, even looking towards the future? Is your marketing team cost-efficient?

If you answered “yes” to all of those questions then you probably have no need to outsource your company’s marketing, or get another look at personnel strategy. But realistically, your company is probably not capitalizing on its full potential with your in-house team. Here are a few advantages to outsourcing your digital marketing that may make your decision a bit easier.

Get More Bang for the Buck

Outsourcing comes down to that sort-of-simple concept we learned in that college economics class: comparative advantage. If one country (or company) has a comparative advantage in the production of one gidget, then the country should leave the production of widgets up to another country, specializing and trading at the end. The same goes for a company’s marketing. Instead of having an individual or a small team become overloaded with tasks, your company should devote more resources to what you’re best at and leave the digital marketing to the companies who have that comparative advantage and are specialized. It will be much more cost effective.

Expertise Across Channels

Let’s face it– technology is advancing faster than humans can keep up with it, and digital marketing is riding on the back of the metaphorical horse (crashing wave? Speeding train? Buttered bullet?). In order to stay ahead of your competition, it’s imperative to not only keep up with trends but stay in front of them. Your team may be too small or too busy to really look towards the horizon, towards the future of digital marketing, and instead looks down at the sidewalk, trying to stay afloat. Outsourcing some of your marketing gives you tech expertise across multiple channels, and you can rest assured that your strategy will be cohesive and cutting edge.

Saves You Time

Depending on the size of your firm, outsourcing marketing could save you a lot of time, and will allow you to focus on doing what you’re best at. If you spend a lot of time hiring in-house marketing personnel, or find that falling into your own job description, then it’s time to re-prioritize and outsource. Your time is valuable, and you may be spending much more time than necessary educating yourself on digital marketing.

Gives You Fresh Eyes on Your Marketing Strategy

Maybe your team really is doing an awesome job but they just have too much work or need some consulting. Getting a new, experienced opinion on your digital marketing strategy or outsourcing some of your contract could be transformative to your brand. As technology is constantly advancing and digital marketing is always evolving, your marketing strategy should also change shape. Iterate, iterate, iterate. Some fresh eyes can really help you from getting stale!