The Importance of Your Morning and Nightly Routine

The Importance of Your Morning and Nightly Routine

Small Lifestyle Changes, Big Improvements at Work

Ever feel like you’re working hard at your job but aren’t reaching your full potential? We get it–sometimes it can seem like you’re falling behind at work and just can’t pinpoint the reason. Believe it or not, there are small changes you can make outside the office, that will help you achieve the performance goals you’re striving for inside.

Nightly Routine:

For one, and we know you’ll hate to hear it, but late night TV shows or mindlessly scrolling through your social media feeds while lying in bed could be hurting your work days more than you realize. TV functions like the DVR and on-demand were created for a reason; get to bed at a reasonable hour every night and save your binge watching for a post-dinner or weekend activity!

However you can get yourself to do it; set a nightly reminder on your phone and commit to an exact time to turn off your TV… just DO IT! Setting a habitual bedtime like this will actually improve your quality of sleep too, and as falling asleep becomes easier, you’ll start to look forward to it!

Additionally, upkeeping personal hygiene influences productivity, so don’t skip brushing your teeth or washing your face. Feeling clean and fresh when you get into bed can help keep your head clear while falling asleep, and restored when waking up in the morning…

Morning Routine:

Along with a designated time for “lights out” each night, a morning routine is also important. I mean, it is the beginning of your work day; what happens before work, has a lot to do with how you’ll feel and perform the rest of the day!

Similar to your nightly routine, time management in the mornings is very important. Feeling rushed can cause a lot of stress, leading you to forget things and create unnecessary stress–no one likes that! Make time in the A.M. for the tasks you know will enhance your daily attitude…

Are you a morning shower person? Do you need a big breakfast or a sweaty workout to get your mind and body energized for the day? Whatever it is–get it done! How can you expect to accomplish big things without completing the little things YOU need in order to feel ready to take on all the challenges of the work day?

Daily Appearance:

The last thing to remember before leaving for work is the phrase, ‘look good, feel good.’ How can you expect to feel unstoppable and confident at work with a stain on your pants or a missing button on your shirt?

… And it’s not just your clothes we’re talking about; is your hair gelled or brushed the way you like? Are your shoes appropriate for the office? … You may shrug these little things off because you think ‘well, I don’t really care if I’m the best-dressed in the office…’ However, it’s not about being fashionable or good-looking–it’s about respecting yourself enough to care how you appear to others.

Ever heard the saying; ‘invest in yourself and others will invest in you?’ Well, it’s true, and ‘invest’ doesn’t necessarily mean money in this instance. It could mean a superior taking you seriously enough consider an idea you have for the company, or a coworker trusting your authenticity to work on a project together.

When you physically present yourself as someone that, frankly, gives a sh*t, you’ll gain respect and assurance from others which will fuel your inner purpose at work each and every day.

Walk into the office each morning looking and feeling like someone who’s going to get the job done, and you WILL.

So… while you may have been sitting at your desk all this time thinking you weren’t smart or skilled enough to do the job at hand, you were wrong!

It seems many of us have gotten caught up in a mindset that the world is moving too fast for us to keep up with, and that’s why we fall behind at work, when doing things that we know we should be able to do.

The irony behind it all is that the key to ‘keeping up’ at work is actually slowing yourself down to take the time to acknowledge what YOU need to feel like the best version of yourself; little things like the essential steps in your morning and nightly routine…

And while taking the best care of yourself, you will accomplish more than you ever thought possible.