Why Your Email Marketing List is Your Company’s Greatest Asset

Why Your Email Marketing List is Your Company’s Greatest Asset

Between many different marketing mediums, it’s easy for the respectable email list to get lost in all of the opportunities. But, email marketing is powerful!

As technology advances, so to do the possibilities for contacting your potential customers. Between organic and inorganic social media, content marketing, SEO, traditional print and more, it’s easy for the ever-respectable email list to get lost in all of the opportunities. The email marketing list is your company’s greatest asset!

Studies agree that email marketing is still the marketing strategy that produces the highest conversion of lurker to customer. This is because the individuals on the email list are already interested. Unlike social, which can be seen be all people alike, company emails are only sent to hand-raisers who are already interested. It is essential to capitalize directly on those people who are already engaged.

Similarly, unlike social, email marketing is customizable and segmented. Prospects in different regions or age groups can receive specific messages to optimize potential interest. Also, because of the degree of customizable subject lines, it’s as if you’re speaking directly to the individual. Few things are cooler than when a company thanks you by name for your patronage. The email list is essential because it is scalable and already targeted.

Unlike Google or Facebook, who may change the rules and suddenly your views decrease, your email list is distinctly yours. Those are your prospects who have opted into receiving your messages. You don’t need to rely on another platform with changing policies and algorithms in order to get your message out!

Lastly, growing an email list naturally is cost-effective. Especially for smaller businesses with a limited marketing budget, it is very affordable to maintain relationships and grow with email technology. Your email marketing list has the highest return on investment compared to all other marketing outlets.

Email marketing is far from perfect. Many of your emails may go right to spam, and some prospects may get emails from so many companies that yours just get lost. In order to get a great open rate, you will have to use some time and creativity. But thus far, email marketing has been the best marketing strategy to grow a user base and convert lurkers into buyers. Your email marketing list is a huge asset, use it wisely!